Session Speaker
Western Vet Update Luke Nickel – Poultry Health Services
Eastern Vet Update Jessalyn Walkey – Joyce Veterinary Services
Turkey Beak Treatment Andrew Gomer – Nova-Tech Engineering LLC
Karen Schwean-Lardner – University of Saskatchewan
Student Research Presentation #1

Re-Evaluating Calcium Requirements in Laying Hens and Extension of Flock Cycles

Nella Batres, University of Alberta
Virtual Networking/Sponsorship Break
Breeder Nutrition and Immunity in Hatched Offspring Dr. Elijah Kiarie, University of Guelph
Feather and Injurious Pecking in Poultry Dr. Alexandra Harlander, University of Guelph
Student Research Presentation #2

The Effect of Style of Pullet Rearing Aviary on Breast and Leg Muscle Mass in Laying Hen Pullets

Erin Ross, University of Guelph
Poultry Lighting Karen Schwean-Lardner – University of Saskatchewan
Lunch Break
Student Research Presentation #3

Metabolic status and reproduction in broiler breeders: A view on the impact of growth trajectories

Mohammad Afrouziyeh, University of Alberta
Future Trade Outlook Robin Horel – International Poultry Council
Cold Weather Ventilation William Alexander, Hybrid Turkeys