PSIW Board & Planning Committee

Big thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers who collaborate to curate top-quality PSIW programs featuring high-caliber speakers and fantastic networking events.

Introducing the 2024 Board of Directors and Planning Committee:

  • Past President Ron Wardrop (Gowans Feed, ON)
  • President Kayla Price (Alltech, ON)
  • Vice President Dr. Teryn Girard (Prairie Livestock Veterinarians, AB)
  • Treasurer/Secretary Brenda Reimer (U of A)


  • Dr. Luke Nickel (Poultry Health Services, BC)
  • Rachelle Davidson (Maple Leaf Foods, AB)
  • Paul Garvey (CBS, ON)

Planning Committee Members

  • Perry Kaita (Steinbach Feeds, MB)
  • Dr. Mike Petrik (McKinnley Hatchery, ON)
  • Matt Klassen (Aviagen, BC)
  • Blair Sandercock (Sofina Foods, ON)
  • Kim Ton (Cargill, AB)

Event Delivery Agent

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) is a registered charity based in Guelph, Ontario, dedicated to delivering poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management. PIC is honored to extend our work organizing and managing the longstanding workshops of the Poultry Service Industry Workshop (PSIW) in Alberta, benefiting the Canadian poultry industry. Checkout our website to find out more about our resources and events.