PSIW Overview

48th Year Delivering the Annual

Poultry Service Industry Workshop

Established in 1976 as the Alberta Poultry Servicemen’s Workshop, our event has a rich history of advancing the poultry industry through the exchange of cutting-edge technology and vital information. Initially conceived by Rod Chernos, a Poultry Specialist with Alberta Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development, the workshop aimed to foster collaboration among stakeholders across the industry.

Over the years, our workshop has grown from a provincial gathering to a national event, attracting attendees from every segment of the poultry industry, including nutritionists, equipment sales representatives, veterinarians, researchers, and more. We pride ourselves on fostering enduring relationships, promoting a shared repository of scientific knowledge, and recognizing outstanding contributions to the industry.

Our workshop has evolved alongside the poultry industry, adapting to changing demands and globalization. What began as a modest gathering of 26 individuals has grown significantly, with attendees now coming from across Canada and even the United States. We’ve transitioned from being primarily sponsored by government agencies to forming dynamic partnerships with industry leaders who support our mission of technology transfer and professional development.

Each year, our workshop features expert speakers who address industry challenges and trends, providing attendees with valuable insights and educational credits. We continue to strive for excellence in our programming, ensuring that our workshop remains a cornerstone of the poultry service community.

Join us as we continue our journey of advancing the poultry industry through knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation. Together, we’re shaping the future of poultry service.