Past Winners

The Poultry Service Industry Award is presented annually at the PSIW in recognition of outstanding service to the industry. The list of past award recipients is impressive – the dedication and contribution of these individuals have made the poultry industry what it is today.  The Lifetime Achievement Award was added in 2015 to honour individuals who have played an integral role in advancing the poultry industry in Western Canada and celebrates their long-term commitment and unwavering dedication to the industry.

Poultry Service Award

Lifetime Achievement

2022  Tennille Knezacek 2022 Scott Gillingham
2021 Jeremy Vaandrager 2021 Ken Severson
2020 Dion Loose 2020 Gary Hall
2019 Nancy Fischer 2019 Bob Kowalchuck
2018 Clarence Janzen 2018 Dr. Henry Classen
2017 Randy Kurulak 2017 Ken Rice
2016 Carol Brown 2016 Craig Mackie
2015 Dr. Victoria Bowes 2015 Sunny Mak
2014 Dr. Bill Cox  
2013 Frank Robinson  
2012 Paul McCartan  
2011 Al Richards  
2010 Martin Dyck  
2009 Carlyle Bennett  
2008  John Deshoux  
2007  Fred Dawkins  
2006  Henry Van Zeggelaar  
2005  John Petkau  
2004  Craig Riddell  D.V.M.  
2002  Keith Garner  
2001  Ken Rice  
2000  C.W. (Bill) Herbert  
1999  Keith McMillan  
1998  Ken Darlington  
1997  Sid Carter  
1996  Gerry Patsula  
1995  Rod Chernos  
1994  Henry Classen (Ph.D)  
1993  Peter Wiebe  
1992  Maynard “Duke” West  
1991  Dr. Jim Hanson  
1990  Asger Olesen  
1989  Lyle G. Noel  
1988  George M. Matsuba